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Our first growths in South America!

Our first growths
in South America!

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Thank you for visiting us at kwf!

Thank you
for visiting us at kwf!

LESCUS Uhřice managed the forests of the municipalities Cetkovice, Uhřice and Světlá (hence the name LES = forest and C U S). This led to the establishment of LESCUS Cetkovice, s.r.o.. Since 2024, LESCUS Cetkovice has been part of the international holding company LESCUS.

From the humble beginnings of seeds to the flourishing growth of seedlings, and finally, the majestic expanse of a forest. 
Our company is growing similarly.

Cultivation, sale of seedlings,
services in forestry and truck transport

Sale of seedlings

We grow containerized and bare-root seedlings mainly for reforestation and afforestation.

Contract growing

We offer the service of growing seedlings from your own seed. Exactly according to your needs and requirements.

Forest services

We offer services to forest owners and managers in the field of forest restoration and education, including the care of planted crops.

Transport services

Our seedlings are transported by LESCUS Logistics which offers domestic and international transport services.


LESCUS Cetkovice, s.r.o
Velká Strana 43, 679 38 Cetkovice, Czech Republic

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